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Stockholm Syndrome - Muse  (Drum Cover by Arcane Arrow)
Arcane Arrow


Behind the enigmatic curtain of Arcane Arrow stands CK, a dedicated musician whose journey is guided by a deep love for music and a continuous quest for creative exploration.

Arcane Arrow represents CK's heartfelt endeavor to create music that resonates. As a solo musician, CK's music is an invitation to a world where simplicity meets depth, and where each arrow of sound is delicately crafted to touch the hearts of listeners.

CK's musical journey is an ever-evolving process. His ability to blend different instruments is a result of endless curiosity and a desire to learn. Each instrument becomes a humble tool, allowing CK to tell stories and convey emotions in a unique and personal way.

CK's approach to covers is rooted in respect for the original artists. He offers his own interpretation, aiming to shed new light on familiar melodies. It's an endeavor to honor the classics while adding a personal touch, making every song an earnest tribute to the music that inspires him.

CK's passion extends to sharing his music production insights with the community. Through his tutorials, he offers guidance and support to fellow enthusiasts, recognizing that we all have something valuable to learn and share.

Arcane Arrow is an invitation to experience music driven by enthusiasm. Whether you're a devoted music lover, an aspiring artist, or simply seeking a moment of musical tranquility, Arcane Arrow welcomes you. Passion is always guaranteed!

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